Petts Wood Guitar

Looking to improve your Guitar or Ukulele playing?

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Guitar Teacher - Petts Wood
Guitar Teacher – Petts Wood

I teach Guitar and Ukulele on a one-to-one basis at my studio in Petts Wood. I specialise in tutoring the open chords, strumming & finger picking techniques as well as reading chord charts and tab.

I’ve been teaching guitar and ukulele since 2014 and my speciality is quickly learning chords and strumming techniques in a fun way so you can sing along to your favourite songs.

I have developed a 5-step lesson programme to help give any beginners the love of guitar and have selected popular songs to accompany the chords you’ve learnt. I am happy to work with you to learn the songs you’ve always wanted to play.

I can teach the Registry of Guitar syllabus from initial, preliminary and up to grade 1 but for me learning guitar is more about the fun and singing along rather than grades.

I have a clear Enhanced DBS dated 2019 and have a waiting area for parents if you don’t want to leave your child.

Lessons start from £15 for 30 mins. Contact me at for 10% off your first lesson.

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a few guitar lessons. Iv always wanted to play an instrument properly and started guitar a few years ago but gave up. I now play ukulele which I love but want to learn a bit more about guitar and music in general I can do any evening of the week and would be looking for 1 hour lessons. I live in petts wood at the moment. I think i saw you at crofton school but lost your card (sorry) Thank you in advance


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