How to be a guitar teacher

Have you ever wanted to start teaching guitar but have no idea where to start? I’m sure you are an accomplished musician but you will need to re-wind the clock to start at the very beginning for your students. I’ve been teaching guitar since 2014 and have perfected some resources to help get you started on your journey. There is no better way to get an income and spread the joy of music at the same time.

My “How to be a guitar teacher” pack is only £90 and gives tips on how to teach beginners guitar, to break down lessons into simple chunks, outlines what equipment you’ll need to get started and has all my resources such as student lesson plans, teaching guides and chord charts.

The pack includes a five part teaching guide for the open chords C G7 D A7 G F Em Am E A and B7 with songs that have easy chord changes suitable for beginners, perfect to get you started and tips for how you can maximise your business.

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