Thank you for your patience and understanding, especially during lockdown. You have provided continuity when schools were closed and the online ukulele lessons and group lessons were lots of fun. You are patient with shy students and work hard to make them feel comfortable. Thanks again.

August 2020


Katrina was the perfect find when it came to my seven-year-old daughter learning to play guitar. In both the one-on-one and group lessons she’s patient, enthusiastic and fun. My daughter’s gone from simply wanting to pose and make a racket with her guitar (nothing wrong with that) to learning actual songs and and writing songs of her own too. We’ll often hear her in her room playing and we rarely need to encourage her to practice as she enjoys playing and learning with Katrina so much. In my daughter’s words – ‘She’s a much better guitar teacher than Daddy’.

August 2020


In my son’s very first ukulele lesson, Katrina taught my 6 year old 3 chords! Amazing stuff. At the end of the 30 minutes, my son enthusiastically performed a full song. So impressed with Katrina’s teaching technique and style. Highly recommend.

January 2020


My son has been having lessons since the beginning of the year and he absolutely loves his lessons even if he is a bit bad at practising in his own time. Katrina is great with him and she has an excellent way of teaching and is full of praise. Highly recommend this lovely lady.

November 2019


My daughter started lessons with Katrina in September, and absolutely loves it! She comes home excited to practise (!), and I often have to wrestle her guitar off her at bedtime because she is so inspired with the music they are doing. It is challenging enough for her to improve, but also accessible enough that she stays engaged. Thank you Katrina!

November 2019


Katrina is lovely and very patient teacher. I had never played guitar or any instrument before and never thought could ever do but felt so comfortable right from my first session with her. She goes with my learning pace but still challenges me with new songs and tunes which is makes it so exciting.

My 8 year old got interested to learn guitar as well and he is doing so well with her sessions. We both look forward to our lessons every week 😀 I would highly recommend Katrina to anyone interested in learning the guitar.

October 2019


Katrina is so patient with my very easily distracted five year old! My daughter looks forward to her guitar lesson every week and loves showing off what she’s learned with Katrina. I highly recommend her!

October 2019


Thank you sooo much for your wonderful guitar tutoring. You are a very kind, patient teacher.

June 2019

Bobby Youle

Katrina is so lovely and patient and I thought I would never be able to play an instrument. In just one session with her I got the hang of a tune and couldn’t believe it! I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in learning the guitar.

June 2019

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