How my guitar journey began

My name is Katrina and I’ve been playing guitar since I was at primary school so quite a few years now!  I played mostly with my dad in church where we led the congregation singing choruses.  It is here where I developed my style of folk mostly playing chords.  As I grew up I joined a christian youth band and developed my style in electro acoustic guitar and became a bit more interested in playing rock.

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My music tastes moved into musical theatre and I started a band with like minded people.  It was great fun playing guitar, backing singing and occasionally keyboard.  I thought my life was mirroring the film “The Commitments!” however we never got out of the practice studio.


So 3 years ago, my niece wanted to learn the guitar and being the patient one in the family I stepped up to the challenge.  We have had a lovely time learning chords and strumming techniques and she has performed with her school at Royal Festival Hall (so proud).  My nephew wanted to get in on the action but he was only little so I am teaching him some ukulele chords and he loves performing to his parents at the end of each lesson.


I have developed a 4 week lesson programme to help give any beginners the love of guitar and have selected popular songs to accompany the chords you’ve learnt.  I am happy to work with you to learn the songs you’ve always wanted to play.

Contact me at for a sample of my programme.

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