What age is best to start learning the guitar?

The best age for someone to learn the guitar is when they are ready to. Playing a musical instrument should be something you are passionate about and it should give you exhilaration when you play. If you are not at that stage yet and you are made to have lessons, there is a danger that playing will become a chore.

With that thinking in mind, I don’t think it matters how old you are. I recently taught a 5-year-old the ukulele because he was desperate to learn as his sister was playing the guitar. We chose a ukulele because he was so tiny to hold even the smallest guitar. There are only 4 strings on a ukulele so some chord shapes are simpler. However, he was only just learning to read so although he recognised the chord names, he wasn’t able to follow the words of the song. We got around this as I pointed where we were in the song and when I got to a chord, he changed his fingers on the fretboard. I’m pleased to say that 3 years later he is still having weekly 20 minute lessons and is loving the ukulele.

My lessons are structured in a fun way and I always try to use songs the student likes to sing along to. I make sure we practice songs with simple chords and can always play at least one song by the end of the lesson. Whatever age you are, it is always tough at first to get your fingers to create the right shapes on the right strings so I start with simple chords and gradually build up. You’ll be amazed at how many songs you can play with a few simple chords.

I have some mature students who have always wanted to learn the guitar. There is no upper age limit. Whatever age you are, it will take practice and perseverance to achieve what you want, so add in a bit of patience and I’m sure you will get to where you want to be.

Contact me if you want a trial lesson with no commitment or message me about any upcoming Open Day’s. My mission statement is to encourage more people to explore music.

Thanks Katrina

guitar@katrinasummerfield.com 07790743223

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