Christmas stocking filler ideas for a guitarist

Do you have a budding guitarist that you want to buy a little present for a special occasion? I thought it would be helpful to give you a few ideas of things you can buy. I’m not affiliated to any stockist for the items suggested below but if you have any questions I can help you based on my experience.

Guitar Strap – This will enable them to play the guitar standing

Plectrum punch – You can upcycle your credit cards with the call plectrum punch which cuts through plastic and ensures you never run out of plectrums

Guitar stand – To ensure their guitar is out so they can practise 😉 but that it doesn’t get accidentally knocked or marks where it has been leaned against.

Capo – This is to help students play in the right key along to songs but at chords they can manage. If they are a budding singer too, it helps for them to play in a key they can sing.

Plectrum – this saves their fingers strumming on the strings but also helps to make the guitar sound louder.

Music stand – These are collapsible so you don’t have to have them out all the time. The student can rest their music on here making it easier to see what chords are coming next

Slide – This is for more advanced guitar but is great fun to play with sounds. Blues artists use slides a lot.

Foot Stall – for raising your foot so it’s easier to play spanish style guitar, or if you’re too little to reach the floor it can stop the guitar sliding off the students lap.

Guitar tuner – you can down load free tuner app’s that work on your phone, but getting a tuner that is available and able to tune to different notes will help the student develop different styles.

If you’re looking for gift vouchers for guitar lessons then take a look at my page here.

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