Christmas Songs for guitar & ukulele

I grew up playing the guitar with my family and there was always carol singing in the run up to Christmas…. such fond memories.

So you can have fun with the family too, I’ve put together a resources pack to download for anyone looking to have a strum along on the guitar for their Christmas gathering.

Songs included / Chords Required

Jingle Bells                                                G C D                                              

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer            G D D7 C                                         

We wish you a merry Christmas               G C D                                               

Twinkle twinkle little star                          D A7 G                                            

Away in a manger                                     D G A7 Em                                      

Last Christmas                                           G C Em Am                                     

Merry Christmas Everyone                        G Em D C                                        

White Christmas                                        A E E7 A7 Dm                                

Silent Night                                               A E B7                                             

Rocking around the Christmas Tree         G Em C D Bm A

So here it is Merry Christmas                    Bb G Em D Am Bm         

All I want for Christmas                              Cm G C Em D Am D7 B

Christmas Songs

Or email for the link

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