Christmas Songs for guitar & ukulele

I grew up playing the guitar with my family and there was always carol singing in the run-up to Christmas…. such fond memories.

So you can have fun with the family too, I’ve put together a resources pack to download for anyone looking to have a strum along on the guitar for their Christmas gathering.

Christmas Songs

Songs included / Chords Required

Jingle Bells                                              G C D                                              

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer           G D D7 C                                         

We wish you a merry Christmas              G C D                                               

Twinkle twinkle little star                        D A7 G                                            

Away in a manger                                    D G A7 Em                                      

Last Christmas                                         G C Em Am                                     

Merry Christmas Everyone                      G Em D C                                        

White Christmas                                       A E E7 A7 Dm                                

Silent Night                                               A E B7                                             

Rocking around the Christmas Tree         G Em C D Bm A

So here it is Merry Christmas                   Bb G Em D Am Bm         

All I want for Christmas                           Cm G C Em D Am D7 B

Or email for the link

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