How to read a guitar chord box

Playing the guitar is always such a joy to me, I love to be able to sing to my favourite song and practise the chord progression until its perfect. Your favourite song might have the lyrics with a letter above the words or even a chord box. Once you know the secret to reading the chord box, the world will be your oyster.

This is the chord box for the guitar chord of C.

The down lines represent the strings on the guitar starting from fattest to thinnest, left to right.

The lines across the strings represent the frets on the fretboard.

The dots represent where you put your fingers for this chord

The top numbers refer to the fingers you should use for this chord and your fingers are numbered from your index finger to your little finger

This is what a C chord looks like on the fretboard.

Please complete the attached form to download the chord boxes for all the major open chords

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