Download Guitar Resources

I have created easy-to-understand resources for learning and teaching guitar. Click the download button or contact me by completing the form below.

Guitar Chord Charts – £10

All open chords A-G major, minor and maj7 chords (3 pages)


A4 Individual Large Guitar Chord Chart – £15

All the open chords as an A4 sheet for each chord to make it easier for students to see (13 pages)


Guitar Barre Chords by fret – £10

E-shape barre chords, plus Em-shape, Am-shape, A-shape. (4 pages)


Guitar Fretboard – £5

An excel chart with names of notes for each fret up to fret 15


Power Chord Chart – £5

One page with the major power chords chord box


Resources Bundle – £40

All 5 resources at a discount. Open Chord Chart / Power Chords / Barre Chords/fretboard & A4 sized chord chart.


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